Trip Tips

Pre-Flight Information

The following are procedures and tips for all of our trips that we make to DC. These are tips so that you have a safe and enjoyable time while in DC.

  • To the Family members and friends of these Veterans we ask for your cooperation and involvement in providing transportation to and from the airport. Only in dire circumstances would we be able to provide a ride for a Veteran to or from the airport. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Remember to bring your Photo ID, this is a must for getting through security.
  • Write your name on your cell phone and camera. Bring plenty of batteries. Do not forget to bring your cell phone charger.
  • Place any liquids over 3oz. in your luggage. Liquids less than 3oz. must be placed in a quart sized, clear bag.
  • Check the weather forecast for Washington DC.. If necessary, bring a light weight jacket or small umbrella.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Now is not the time to break in new shoes.
  • If you have any special dietary needs (gluten-free diet, allergies to foods, etc) please let us know before the flight. We can make sure needs are addressed as long as you give us advance notice.
  • If you have photos to share with the other veterans bring them. If you have medals and ribbons, this is a good time to proudly wear them.
  • Bring enough medications for five days. Your medications should be placed in the carry-on bag we will give you.
  • For all flights please arrive two hours before the plane departs. After being selected you will be given all the flight times. For all flights we will muster on the East side, Southwest Airlines, passenger drop off, sixth level, in front of door 613. After arriving you will be given your red shirt, tote bag, and Veteran’s ball cap. Your lead guardian will then place a luggage tag on your luggage, which will then be check in by your Guardians. Please wear your name tag at all times! Your name tag will be color-coded to your assigned team. Place your photo ID in the name tag holder for security screening. The completed medical information form can be folded and placed inside the zippered compartment. You will be given a clear plastic bag, please put anything that may be loose inside, such as coins, car keys, cell phones etc.
  • Do not bring a pocket knife, it will be taken from you.
  • Remember we move as a group so please try and stay with your team. For the rest of the trip each step will be explained as we come to them. Always look to your Lead Guardian for any questions that you might have.
  • Prior to your departure date you will have already received numerous phone calls pertaining to the trip. If at any time you should have a question please feel free to call any one of us located on the Board Tab.